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LJKS is a construction manufacturing company composed of steel structure engineers, creative designers, and IT engineers. We offer services by integrating expertise, creative ideas, innovation, and experience with an open mind to solve challenging problems for a better architectural environment.

LJKS Studio Inc. has successfully validated the transition to "construction digitization" in projects such as Haesang-indogyo, Anseongcheon Steel Girder Bridge, Slurry Type Smart Farm, Yeongdeok Wind Power Complex, 2nd KINTEX Civil Works, Dasan New City Civil Works, Dongdaemun Design Park, Han River Nodeulseom Opera House, Yeosu Expo Pavilion, Jeongok Prehistoric Museum, Magok Korong Office Building, Qatar National Museum, Korean Air Hotel, Daegu Bank 2nd Branch, and more.
Based on over 15 years of successful implementation of digitization in the construction industry, LJKS was launched to systematize "construction digitization" to bring more innovative and proactive changes to the construction industry.

We offer a D-FAB system that realizes structural engineering + material engineering + material processing + work efficiency in an integrated way.

The goal LJKS pursues is to provide the maximum value through 'digitization'.

In March 2024, we established a LEB (Lightweight pre-engineered building steel) manufacturing factory in Paju Chukhyeon-ri 55-3, and developed technology to integrate NC equipment with digital design and engineering processes. Based on this technology, we have developed architectural products that enable optimal design, production, and construction, and are providing them as guidelines for digital manufacturing in the construction industry.


2023.02 Corporation Establishment
2023.03 Capital increase (51 million won)
2023.07 Capital increase (66 million won)
2023.09 Establishment of Corporate Research Institute
2023.11 Establishment of Paju Chukhyeon-ri factory, change to manufacturing business


LJKS believes that in the near future, site-centered construction will be minimized, and the application of modular and unit methods (: DfMA, Off-Site Construction) based on digital equipment-based production and installation will increase. Off-site construction engineering will change radically by adopting a digital manufacturing method.
LJKS has developed BIM technology, CNC-based manufacturing technology, and construction management platform technology in domestic and foreign projects over the past 15 years. We have experienced maximizing stability and production efficiency by predicting problems through the system, not relying solely on the experience of on-site workers, and reducing the possibility of failure in construction projects. In the near future, such "digital" technologies will be commonly used in the construction industry and will contribute to solving the greenhouse gas reduction problem.