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We manufacture D-FAB architectural products

LJKS aims to enhance productivity in the construction sector by integrating smart manufacturing technologies, and to improve urban environments by providing high-quality spaces. This is all in pursuit of the day when everyone can live in a comfortable, worry-free home.

#Building is not the end, but just the beginning

Are you not concerned about living in a house where you don't know who built it, when, or how? Wondering if all the reinforcing steel bars are in place? Enjoy a safe residence built with minimized human error through meticulous history management and automation.

#After-Sales Service with Full Responsibility

With just one click, maintenance and defect management are handled in one go, including payment and repair!

#It's not just about making a sale

#Will the value of houses be zero in 20 years?→ No

First Service|D-FAB System

To create transparent and safe buildings, we provide a 3D model-based integrated platform.

#Supply Chain ISSUE

The construction industry is a representative sector with an opaque supply chain.
Construction is divided into several phases, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance, each with numerous procedures. Various experts and contractors participate in each phase, resulting in a lack of a clear responsible party. Therefore, it's challenging to determine who is at fault when issues arise, whether it's a missing reinforcement causing a building collapse or problems with construction materials like steel and aggregates.
LJKS aims to provide a system that integrates and manages the entire supply chain ecosystem. That's the D-FAB platform.

#D-FAB Web System

Around 2006, a concept known as BIM emerged in the field of architecture. It's a way of working that combines information with 3D models to be shared and used by all project participants. However, the effective use of BIM has remained limited to date. It has become part of the way experts and contractors participate in projects.
LJKS's D-FAB platform was created with the goal of making model information available to anyone on the web. Without separate contracts, BIM experts provide support behind the system, and everyone participating in the project must process materials, assemble, install, and inspect them using the D-FAB platform.
The D-FAB platform cannot respond to all types of orders. This is because of the complex interests involved in the traditional design-bid-build and design-construction processes. Therefore, we plan to apply it only to models that have been productized by LJKS for now. We have created a design system that maintains consistent quality by researching material composition, specifications, processing methods, and assembly techniques in advance, and we plan to manage only those through the D-FAB platform.

Second Service|D FAB Products

 House, Co-living Spaces, Dormitories, Studios…
We manufacture architectural products that contain all the information about each component. You can easily see the price, performance, processing methods, and test results at a glance. For each product number, you can continuously access 3D models and drawing information. Even after the building has been delivered to the user, this data remains in the D-FAB system, making future repairs or remodeling easier."
This description highlights the comprehensive information management and accessibility features of the D-FAB system, emphasizing its utility in facilitating maintenance and modifications of buildings.

#D-FAB Hosing Project

We would like to apply the D-FAB system to all construction projects right from the start, but we have decided to take a step-by-step approach.
We decided to start with 'houses', which are the most fundamental in architecture, for the D-FAB system. D-FAB houses can be freely configured in various sizes up to three stories. They can cover high insulation standards, soundproofing, and waterproofing for climates ranging from cold to hot areas.
D-FAB housing manages all components with unique part numbers and RFID tags. Everything has to be manufactured and installed according to the methods defined by D-FAB, so all information during the installation process, such as who made it, how much it costs, etc., is transparently shared and accessible to everyone.
Since the components are precisely processed in the factory, they can be easily disassembled for repair or alteration even decades later, and there is no need to measure for furniture or interior changes. We simply produce and replace the changing components based on the 3D information."
This description outlines the innovative approach of the D-FAB system in ensuring quality, transparency, and ease of maintenance in housing projects.

Third Service|D FAB Finance

 "Home Installment Purchase Program
Now, house purchases can also be Buy Now, Pay Later

#D-FAB Finance Installment Plan

Using LJKS's D-FAB system allows for buildings to be always maintained like new, and repairs or remodeling are systematically and transparently managed, making it less burdensome. The transparency of material costs and automated digital processing in factories contribute to these advantages. Thanks to these benefits, the lifespan of a building can be objectively managed.
In the traditional housing construction approach, the unpredictability of defects and future repair costs meant that buyers had to shoulder all the responsibility, hindering the development of related financial services. However, with LJKS's D-FAB system, where after-sales service is provided throughout the production and life cycle of the building, it becomes possible to purchase houses on an installment basis, just like buying a car.
LJKS is creating a housing installment purchase program in collaboration with financing companies. This allows one to buy a house when needed and pay the installments over a chosen period.

Additional Services|DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) Production Design and Construction

We provide engineering services through 3D modeling. We manufacture using computer numerical control (CNC) devices, and assemble on-site based on GIS coordinates.

#BIM-Based Steel Fabrication Design Services

#BIM-Based Building Facade Fabrication Design Services

#BIM-Based Detailed Design Services

#BIM-Based Construction Management Services

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